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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Like a bad penny


Yes, I'm brushing off the old blog and chiming back in. First off, my apologies for my extended and in many ways unexplained suspension of my blog. There were various and sundry reasons, but in the end, it boils down to just needing to take a break, and I do apologize to my few, but very dear, friends who kept up with my latest rants and raves, for disappearing. My bad, folks.

Then again, it's not like I was running for President or something!

I'm glad I watch Letterman. And boy is he steamed tonight! You see, after this long day - Obama calls McCain this morning with the idea maybe they should make a joint statement re: the economic meltdown, McCain agrees, then immediately puts out a statement of his own, 'suspends' his campaign, then wants to call off the debate on Friday - McCain calls Letterman and tells him he can't make it for his appearance tonight. Bad call, brother. Especially when you make time to come by the CBS studios to do an interview with Perky Couric at the same time you were supposed to be getting free national airtime on The Late Show. I guess he didn't think Dave would have something to say about that. Right. If you get a chance, catch a repeat of the show online.

Speaking of Katie, she did a great interview today also with the Republican version of Nancy Allen in Carrie, Gov'ner Sarah. This is the first time I've had a chance to see the lady speak unscripted and, um...I don't want to say she's a dim bulb, but clearly, Katie Couric herself is more qualified to be Vice Prez. Not that the bar is set terribly high after Quayle, but come on! One can carry on a career on national television while nursing her spouse through terminal cancer, and the other wants to bring the concept of abstinence until marriage to the nation's children that she can't even impress upon her own.

I just couldn't stay quiet any longer. And it is good to be back.