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Thursday, October 02, 2008

America Held Hostage

Remember that old headline from back in the '70's? It feels eerily appropriate again. Only this time it's not the usual suspects...or is it?

Back in the day, it was OPEC threatening to cut off our oil. These days it's Wall Street financial institutions threatening to cut off our credit. While I'm definitely in the opinion that the knee-jerk $700bn bailout is only a band-aid on an arterial wound, the ability of the haves and the have mores to schluff the pain off onto all of us is only too easy to already see. A well-known guerilla tactic is to hide insurgents among the population. Is this much different than the corporate bad debt being so entrenched in the country's day-to-day life that possibly failing to get your paycheck or Nanna not getting her pension check is starting to seem like having your house bombed because it's thought to be an terrorist stronghold? Like Letterman said about McCain standing him up to zip off to save the country last week, this stinks. So far no-one has come forth with ANY explanation exactly where all this boodle Wall Street so desperately needs is supposed to go. I'm curious to why any bailout monies currently being argued about on Cap Hill can't be put into controlled fund SEPARATE from the crooks who created this mess, perhaps a temporary national bank of sorts, that businesses and individuals with good credit, who have acted in good faith, can get their backing to continue to do business in a normal fashion while we ferret out the theives, liars, and other dead-beats that are trying to steal every penny in the Treasury and hang their sorry asses from the nearest phone pole. I'm not sure I'm speaking entirely metaphorically here, but I do know throwing good money after bad is the stupidest thing we can allow Congress to do now.

The House goes along with the Senate and passes this mess, don't be surprised when Wall Street goes tits up anyway a little further along the line. You heard it here first, folks.

Meanwhile, I must prepare for the upcoming bout this evening between Amtrak Joe and the Ga-rilla from Wasilla. Moist and bated breath I gots, mi amigos.


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