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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boy, I gotta get back in the swing of things

I've been so busy I even missed taking note of Fat Tuesday -- note to self: Contact St. Edward's and find out if one can give up Republicanism for Lent. Looks like I'm soon to make a trip with my brother to finally retrieve my own personal Holy Grail, in the form of a red motorbike down Austin way. Once that's behind me, life should settle down somewhat, and I hope to be blogging more often. It'd just be nice to catch up with my reading for a change! I will have to work out a schedule, as my online hours are limited -- Mama's a patient woman, but I can't be tying up her phone with dial-up 24-7 like I'm accustomed to. But just so's ya knows, I ain't fergot you guys -- E, spads, dada, pursey, az -- and everybody else. You know who you are.

Here's hoping the weather is as dizzyingly beautiful where you are as it is here...and if it ain't, here's hoping it's on the way. Cheers, lovely people.

(And yes, I had to put up this blog to push Georgie Girl down the page a bit. It was making me dread checking my own blog.)


Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

We haven't forgot you either! I've been checking back & was sooo glad to see georgie-with-the-long-feet is now down beyond my immediate vision. Yes, I kept my eyes firmly glued to his/her feet in order to avoid having to look up & see his horrid face.

Now I'm no expert, but I think you can give up whatever you want for Lent, short of not paying your taxes. I bet St Edwards would advise anyone wanting to give up their republicanism to make that more a permanent lifestyle change, rather than just a couple weeks of Lent-filled democratism. Or, was St Edwards the one who cured scrofula by "touching" the afflicted? If so, I put no credence in his advice.

Oooh, a RED motorbike!!! You can run, but you cannot hide, while driving one of those. How many taverns are there between Austin & home? Safe travels to the red-hot mama. ~~ D.K.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Spadoman said...

Mel.... we're waiting patiently for the day when you have more time to spend spouting off the words that set us free.

In the meantime, good luck getting the wind in your hair. Hope you get that thumper.

If not before, I'll be down there in September for the Trail of Tears. Also going to Crawford over Easter.

If that scooter rides good, think about making the Crow Creek Ride in June. Check it out, there is a link on the side bar at my Round Circle site.

We miss you.


4:45 AM  
Blogger dada said...

God's honest truth...everyone time I've dropped in and been surprised by our naked emperor, I swear my pulse skips a beat.

So thanks for this latest entry Mel. (Obviously, that picture's been affecting a lot of others in similar, adverse ways.)

Good to hear from you. You HAVE been missed. Have a safe trip down to Austin and back. Look forward to your return!

7:38 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Yeah, I guess that was a dirty trick to put up a GWGirl on that last post, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I'll have to do some more research on St. Edward, although I do believe he was not one of the original twelve. I could be confused on the chronology here, but my Catholicism-by-osmosis is a bit rusty. I did attend a mass (once in my life) right here in Little Rock in the early nineties, at St. Andrew's downtown with an old school chum. Let's aerobicize! Made me appreciate my buds down in TX that did Saturday afternoon mass. Exercise, drink all night, sleep in on Sunday, and go out for menudo and beer about noon on Sunday. That's a weekend I understand.

Spads, I do hope to roll with you sometime this coming summer/fall; will probably depend on my future work schedule (or lack thereof...but I'm thinking positive here). Rest assured I owe you a big old hug one way or t'other.

Speaking of roadtrips, I wish I had the time to go ahead and swing down El Paso way, Dada. Can you believe I spent more than half of my adult life in South Texas and never once crossed the border? So close, yet so far away. But then again, I have time to remedy that someday...*grin*

A special shout-out to deke and pursey; your emails sharing stories have been helping more than you can know getting thru this time with Daddy's situation...for me and my mom both. Laughter and tears, folks.

I'll keep y'all updated on the impending Austin expedition; I bet there'll be an interesting road-story there!

Here's wishing everyone a peaceful easy feeling; 'cos I'm almost already gone...

10:19 PM  
Blogger azgoddess said...

hey -- i love that pic -- i've IM'd people the link to

it beautiful here also...i'm sendin sunshine all over the globe but it's not sticking!!


12:53 PM  
Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

Mel, if the St Edward you refer to is Edward the Confessor, he was the last Anglo-Saxon king to hold the throne of england. Then came 1066 & William the Conqueror & all that. Somewhere along the way, the skin disease known as The King's Evil (scrofula) that Edward was known to cure by touching the afflicted seems to have lessened considerably, probably around the time people starting bathing regularly & even using soap!

so....the catholics get you with aerobics? the mormons do it with basketball! and of course, they skip the all-night drinking before mass, or at least most of them do. there's an observation around here about never inviting just one mormon over for dinner cuz he'll drink everything in your house. invite a few & none of them will drink! talk about peer pressure.

I'm so glad you & your mom are able to share laughter & tears. Looking forward to your road stories. ~~ D.K.

1:19 AM  
Blogger No said...

Hope you're doing well, Meldonna...Where are you?

Got a new blog..Yes, I know, I'm a blog whore..

3:41 AM  
Blogger dada said...

Mel: Over the weekend I went to the store to pick up a few items. It's across the street from a bar called Mulligan's. I don't know how these things happen, but Mulligan's is one of those places that bikers discover and the owner of Mulligan's knows he need never worry about going out of business as long as his establishment is endorsed by the bikers.

But this Sunday, it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Granted, I've never been to Sturgis, South Dakota, but what I saw in Mulligan's cordoned off parking lot was nothing short of amazing. It reminded me of Bush's four carrier groups in the Persian Gulf.

Seemingly hundreds upon hundreds of Harleys would be brought up on the flight decks for their turns to launch enmasse in a continuous rising, roaring of engines. I imagined that the streets of Northeast El Paso must have resembled the skies over the English Channel on the predawn morning of D-Day.

As I stood there for a few moments in total awe, I was sooo glad I needed a pint of pico de gallo. I came away with so much more.

And now we have Mel's Motorcycle Diaries to look forward to? I'll save some chips and salsa for those.

5:45 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Deke, our laughter and tears are also including some good old rightous anger; Dad's case is complicated, but that's no excuse for the docs to be avoiding speaking to us. Mom gave me the nod to go ahead and light a few small fires under some butts, and all of the sudden we are starting to get communication that would make that warden from Cool Hand Luke proud. And BTW, Mom thoroughly appreciated the advice to avoid dinner with a lone Mormon. The version here goes: Do you know the difference between Baptists and Methodists? The Methodists will say hi to each other in the liquor store.

no -- will try to check out new blog business is trumping blogging here lately, but good to see you! speak of two things I dearly love: bikefolk in large numbers and pico de gallo. Hot stuff either way. I hope you know the best salsa is with the white onions, not yellow. And when we go to fetch my own bike, I plan to stop by HEB and stock up on some of those funky, tasty TX shaped tortilla chips. Ay, yi yi!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

Hah! well, at least you have liquor stores where the various religiosos can meet, if not always in peace, at least in common purpose. we have ONE state liquor store! That's right, no alcohol sold in COSTCO or elsewhere. Oh, a few restaurants are licensed for overpriced wine & beer, but who drinks that at home. so ... guess who are the biggest patrons at Lee's Discount Liquor, 40-miles south across the Nevada border? um-hmm, you got it, all those non-drinking morms.

Took me a second to get the Cool Hand Luke reference! You keep lighting those butt-fires, Mel, some butts need a bit of butane. There is absolutely NO excuse for a doctor to avoid speaking to the family of a patient.

so, it's WHITE, not yellow, onion for salsa? What about us lily-stomached gringas who can only take green onions? Or is the best salsa like LBJ & his texas chili that he purposefully made so hot just to watch his victims cry? Ay yi yi, indeed. ~~ D.K.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous karena said...

I will not forget about you and I hope to see you in Austin when you come to retrieve that motorbike. I know you haven't forgotten about us either, so no worries, my friend.
I am taking Karena's blog down soon and have posted a farewell message. Stop by to say goodbye.

9:07 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Hey, karena...I sent you an email a coupla weeks back, but I figured you might have missed it; latest plans are to wait at least until St. Paddy's, if not the next weekend to do the Bike Fetch. Might not be a bad idea to miss the SxSW madness -- and maybe by then the bluebonnets will be popping out.

Send me an email when you get a chance and let me know what your travel sched for March is like; it would be good to have a chance to visit while we're down there...

11:32 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Oh, and Deke...

Will do on continuing to be the squeaky wheel...and trust me, if we have further trouble getting good info there will be a Come To Jesus meeting.

Speaking of which, keep your senses sharp on that occasional booze run to Nevada. I'll bet those teetotaling Brighamities are lousy drivers when under the influence. I despise weekend warriors.

The best salsa is the one that suits your tastes -- I like a little kick to go with my beers or my Dr. Pepper, but there's something to be said for not overwhelming everything else with hellfire hot. A good pico de gallo is quite warm, but if you can't taste the fresh cilantro, you might as well just have slathered with tabasco, si? Must a-have balance, Daniel-san.

Apparently must a-have culture clash, too...but fuck it. I was born and bred in a country that is defined by culture clash -- it's what makes America worthwhile. Not to mention interesting!

buenos noches, mi amigo(a)s

11:52 PM  
Blogger Pursey Tuttweiler said...

You have cordially been invited to be a maid of honor in my marriage to Woody Tobias, Jr. I sure hope you can make it. Come dear, it is on a boat and we will have Surf and Turf catered and a beautiful ice sculpture.

10:44 AM  

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