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Friday, January 26, 2007

Surprising Seismic Activity Felt On Eastern Seaboard

Tremors were reported Tuesday night from Boston to Savannah as the Founding Fathers were rolling in their graves. Unfortunately, Tom, Sam, John, Ben, et al, were the only ones awake, as W's State of the Union speech surely put the rest of us in a coma. I swear I could hear McCain snoring from here in Arkansas.

I actually managed to remain conscious through the whole thing, although it rendered me into such a state of walking stupor I wandered away from the telly before hearing Jim Webb's excellent rebuttal. At any rate, I'd like to hit on a few of the more irritating points of the Our Only President's speech.

The man still wants to "save" Social Security, and now he's set his sights on Medicare and Medicaid as well. Why not just institute a military draft for everyone over sixty, George? That would supply you with cannon fodder from a segment of the population that not only has outlived its usefullness, but significantly shrink the number of those pesky pensioners on the dole. Who wouldn't want Nana to have an opportunity to travel and see new places and people? Of course, as always, the elite need not worry about this draft any more than they have any other for the last half-century.

He also mentioned some malformed intention to form a new corp built on the traditions of the Peace Corp and AmeriCorp to supplement the efforts of the military overseas. What's he going to call this? The War Corp? That dog won't hunt, and Kennedy joined the Fathers rolling at that point.

The only sign that Bush is in any way acknowledging the will of the people expressed in November (other than the public-relations fawning over Nancy P.) was that he limited himself to only four direct references to September 11, and was somewhat more subtle linking it to Iraq. Of course, by this time we know from hard experience that any time Bush says anything positive, or even sane, he means and intends to do the exact opposite. And the last ten minutes or so of the speech watching Shrub laud American heros was sheer fluff and distraction. Not to take anything away from those folks, but what really does a nut jumping under a subway to save another nut have to do with the state of the union anyway?

I, for one, am all for keeping the pressure on the Dems to clean house. It's past time, and our Founding Fathers need their rest.


Anonymous enigma4ever said...

Whelp we will see if this works....I have been trying to leave you a comment- and Blogger changed my Blogs leaving and getting comments has now turned into a challenge...urgh...

12:37 AM  
Anonymous enigma4ever said...

ahhh, that worked- just had to use OTHER....okay back to the post, thank you for making us laugh about the King's Rotten much little time...Hope all is well your ..write or whatever.....hang in there..

12:38 AM  
Blogger Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I was prepping for my colonscopy that evening and of course, if you know anything about that you know too much.
I can honestly say that speech was a bunch of shit. So, I watched that silly fool, and did you notice that Cheney appeared to be intentionally passing gas? Twice he lifted his butt cheek up and grinned. Once, he even sniffed the air after lifting up his butt cheek.

At the end when Bush introduced all those heroes it blew me away. What is this, the Academy Awards? And then the autographing of the invites, what kind of rock star bullshit has the president turned the State of the Union address into? He is not a celebrity, he is an elected (some say) official.

The man is more than I can bear or bare. Too much, he's too much.

Oh, here's another thing I noticed, so many of the Republican men at this party, this night out, this absurd imitation of a speech, looked drunk. They were drunk, I would bet my bottom dollar on it.

12:06 PM  

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