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Friday, November 07, 2008

They Call It The White House

But that's just a temporary condition, to paraphrase the words of the original StarChild, George Clinton. I think a Clinton would know something about the First Residence, you think? A special shout-out to all of P-Funk, from a vanilla sista...

Wasn't Tuesday night something else? I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Congradulations to President-Elect Obama, his campaign, and the Democratic Party. This moment in time, I feel a very warm happiness for the black community, who has dreamed so long of this joyous day. And also for the nation, and the entire world. At last, in a matter of a couple of months, our nation can begin on a course of progress to correct the many problems our new president will face. The work can begin.

I wish everything that happened Tuesday made me feel so hopeful, but unfortunately there are still issues confronting this nation that remain to be ironed out. Ironically enough, at the very time when we can be so proud that common sense won out over one long-held cultural barrier, another reared its ugly head. I'm speaking, of course, of the regressive measures passed in several states targeting gay people and non-traditional families. In my own state of Arkansas, a ban was pushed through forbidding "co-habitating adults" from fostering or adopting children, even be they blood kin. The aim, of course, is to prevent gayfolk from having non-biological kids; the backers of this odious mess would prefer that gay people had no children at all. The reach of Act One, after the first attempt at this goal failed in the courts, now actually includes straight unmarried couples as well as single people who may have a platonic roommate. The narrow-minded fundamental busybodies actually believe even a grandmother shouldn't be allowed to adopt her own orphaned grandkids, if she has a boyfriend or god forbid, a girlfriend. Or apparently any friend! The Arkansas Department of Children and Family Services changed its own policy a few weeks ago to read that any otherwise eligible person or persons would not be denied the right to adopt or foster, and appropriate prospective homes for children would be determined on a case-by-case basis, regardless of marital status. You would think that any reasonable person would agree that the best course of action would be to judge each situation on its own merits, not further limiting an already woefully small pool of loving, qualified homes, but no. And of course the real losers in this particular fiasco are the thousands of Arkansas children in the foster care system still waiting for good homes. Way to go, Jerry Cox. On a day when we celebrate a huge step in moving away from one prejudice, you and your narrow-minded cronies cynically manipulate another. How many more good people and children must be hurt in your holy war before your backwards ideas are history?

Then again, maybe history is the point. Just as many people thought there would never be a black president, basic human rights for all Americans is not an if, only a when. And that itself gives me a tremendous amount of hope.

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Blogger D.K. Raed said...

Mel, it seems to me that the way thr ARK act was worded so loosely, was to avoid having to put into law something that specifically targeted gays. But as you point out, it would also prohibit anyone who isn't married but living with another adult, whether they are partners or just plain old friendly roomates, from adopting. It does not seem possible that this kind of law could ever pass the smell test.

Let the first grandma who "cohabits" with her struggling law-student neice and wants to adopt her own grandchild who was abandoned by her own drug-addicted daughter, bring a case to court. Laws like these are meant to be tested by the higher courts. I don't see how it can stand, AS WRITTEN. Besides the discrimination and terrible outcome for children & the loving couples who could provide excellent homes, it is a badly written law. That's the only good news I can see about it ... that it won't stand up in court.

Here in UT, while we had no similar measure to vote on, our predominant church got all involved in nearby CA's prop 8. They've clapping themselves on the back all week. Amazing. Time to join the 21st Century, UT .. you already missed the 20th!

10:11 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Oh, I guarantee it's going to court; being a Stonewall Democrat here in AR, I know and $upport the folks who are in this fight to stay. Like I said, this kind of nonsense is well on the way to extinction. Just the idea that a single person living alone OR a married couple are the only viable homes for children boggles the mind, and typifies the kind of thumbless reasoning that puts crap like this on the ballot.

12:27 PM  
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