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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Knife Fight in a Phone Booth

I'm quoting my good friend Bartcop in my title today; his point being the last few weeks of a presidential campaign traditionally get very ugly. I have to say, it was nice to see some evidence of the John McCain we've always liked and respected, as he spoke out in defense of his opponent yesterday. The rhetoric of his campaign had in the past week been getting a little out of hand, and he did finally speak up to answer shouts of "traitor" and "he's an Arab", referring to Obama. "I have to tell you, he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States." He did go on to say that he believes he would make a better president, of course, which is an idea I fundamentally disagree with, but at least some effort is being made from the podium to reign in the worst of the over-the-top crowd sentiment. Thanks, John. I appreciate seeing the guy again I respect.

Meanwhile, more evidence is surfacing that John's running mate is Bush with lipstick -- this time it's bullheaded disregard for the law, and belief in the royal powers of the executive. I'm talking, of course, about Troopergate. Isn't that a stupid name for a scandal? In any event, Sarah needs to learn that whatever you got going on in your personal life, you got to leave that shit at home when you go to work. Even if you're governor. Hell, especially if you're governor! I like someone who sticks with family and friends in hard times, but you just can't take a grudge match into your decisions as a public servant. For someone who prides herself on being all mavericky and a reformer, firing someone who won't fire your sister's ex-husband smacks of the worst sort of cronyism and old-boy-network bullshit. Not the first time lately we've seen Our Girl Sarah display inconsistancy. Remember in the debate her chiding Biden for "looking to the past"? That might have went down a little easier if she hadn't kept dredging up "beautiful" quotes from the "great" Ronald Reagan. And then she proceeds straight out to Republican rallies in the following days condemning Obama for his loose association with a former sixties-era radical -- talk about looking to the past! Ayers, who has recanted his support of violence in his youth, blew up a toilet in the Pentagon when Obama was in grade school. Palin might want to be a bit careful about guilt-by-association; after all, she is sleeping with an Alaskan secessionist. Not to mention the "consummate maverick" who's her running mate has a few buddy problems of his own, notably Iran-Contra, G. Gordon Liddy, and of course Charles Keating, a nice name to remember while the economy craters. John has been speaking up at a few rallies trying to tamp down some of the more vicious tendencies of his crowds, and getting booed for his trouble -- he might want to tamp down his Estee Lauder pit-bull, too. To quote the immortal Joan Crawford, there's a word for ladies like her that's not used in polite society -- outside of a kennel.

Speaking of rallies, I got to attend one yesterday on the other side of the coin; Hillary was in town. Maybe it's simply evidence of the increasing lead Obama's taking in the polls, but the tone and energy was the total opposite of what we've seen lately from the McCain supporters. Not to say there wasn't a few boos -- there were. But only in response to any mention of the current administration and Our Only President, Dubya himself. I probably ought to be a bit ashamed of myself, because I tossed out probably the most negative shout from the crowd all day, "Worst President ever!" Then again, there's not many even on the Republican side who would argue with that statement anymore; Shrub's never met a disaster he couldn't make worse, and in fact has created one or two of his own. Only 100 more days to go, praise Jesus.

Meanwhile, back on Wall Street, the world's newest jump school, it's been a rollercoaster of a week. If you recall, I recently proposed a national fund to support what's called commercial paper, i.e. short-term loans to businesses for day-to-day operating costs, instead of the obscene bailout. Since then, both the Senate and the House finally buckled under pressure from several fronts, not the least of which was veiled threats from 1600 Pennsylvania of our country slipping into a Mad Max-type dystopia requiring martial law. An interesting and little-remarked upon wrinkle to that was on the first of October Bush activated the First Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division to deploy on American soil, for any disasters "natural or man-made". Now I don't mind telling you the idea of regular troops deployed in the homeland for the first time since the Civil War by this president makes me rather nervous, to say the least. And less than two weeks later people in our government are mentioning martial law? Lawdy, Lawdy. Back to my point, though, the day after the bailout passes the Treasury announces that they are indeed setting up a nation fund to back commercial paper, completely separate from the bailout monies. Ain't that neat. I know I for one am damned relieved we gave Wall Street 850 billion dollars. It's sure done a lot of good, hasn't it?

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Blogger D.K. Raed said...

Great post, mel. Lots of excellent points.

I too was a bit relieved to see McCain still has enough honor to correct his audience wackos screaming for blood. Cynically, I wonder if it was from his heart or just another news-making appeal to independents. I don't know that he'll be able to tamp down the nazi-like rallies Palin inspires, though, dangerous genie out of the bottle that she is.

Love your use of Tina Turner from Mad Maxx! What was her line to Mel Gibson ... "ain't we a pair?" ... very good image for McCain-Palin as they egg on the ugly crowd.

2:02 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Thanks, Deke. I'm trying to think John tamping down the more vicious crap is simply him being a good guy, and any goodwill he gets from it is deserved respect, and not just him doing a public relations stunt. There is also the fact that the kind of ugliness that's been seen recently expecially at Palin rallies can get out of hand pretty easily, considering how many angry and frightened people there are in America today.

The race is starting to seem a little like Thunderdome, huh?

11:04 AM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

well..I think Old McCoot had no choice...his own rallies were getting pretty damn he kind of got scared what he was feeding "putty cats " at the Zoo and then realizing they are actually Lions....and they are Hungry...pretty damn hungry...

sigh....Old Man Made Some Mistakes....( and the first one was choosing Palin...and now he has to live with it...)

Great post tied all the loose ends so nicely... got 'em right....NOW how do we get through the next 98 days....sigh...I have no idea...

5:48 PM  

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