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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dias of Darkness

Days of the Dead, or Near-So...

I am somewhat somber~~chalk it up to the season. I do, however, have an evil smile here and there.

Halloween being the embodiment of costumes, spooks, and reveling in the negative, I offer the following attitudes and comments in the spirit of Bill Hicks. He might be dead a decade or so, but he's my All Hallows this year.

*Posted originally at, in response to another angry fella*

Nothing like a good rant! Yours did not make my gorge rise (O'Reilly, who is bloviating on Oprah today, is another matter). I did want to chime in on the idea of something being worth dying for.

I believe justice is worth dying for...and not this silly revenge notion that the Bushi'ites hauled our asses to
Iraq for. I mean the justice reflected well in that old, beat-up document called the Constitution. Since we're having this conversation in the arena of Bill Hicks, the Other Man in Black, I'll reference a few of his thoughts on the subject, while I wish he was here to do it now himself.

I didn't say the "
U.S." Constitution, because I think that document represents fairness for all people, and it was a round world last time I checked. I'm not of the school of thought that the only reason government should exist is to provide "defense". I'm of the school of thought that the purpose of government is to provide for the common welfare and protect the liberties of all. I do believe in evolution, not in a Darwinist dogmatic sort of way, but in a common sense arena. All folks deserve the chance to live, eat and prosper -- please note that corporate entities are not folks, and deserve NO RIGHTS. Same goes for religious entities. The Constitution applies to folks with thumbs and human DNA. Easy litmus test there.

Which brings me to another favorite subject: Fuck Money. That same set of multinational fucks that sit every President down for a viewing of the Kennedy death motorcade from an angle NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN have not just America but the world in a deathclutch. Not that they had to twist any Bush arms very hard. I think a good place to start with Fucking Money is really simple. All obscenely rich suckers of Satan's Cock should be lined up and not shot -- just forced to live on Social Security. In
Detroit. In the winter. Those oil profits they just can't help making? Spread that boodle out to current SSI dependant folks and let Nanna quit worrying about how much garlic she should add to her Alpo meatloaf. I don't mind Paris Hilton being a party girl...just let her do it the way I had to when I was her age. By working at FUCKING BURGER KING! You become very creative learning how to afford beer after rent and bills in Arkansas without a film crew around. Bitch could stand to gain a pound or two anyway on the 50 cent box of mac and cheese diet. It worked for me!

I mean, I think that's fair. I think that's justice. I think that would surely be a step in the direction of providing for the general welfare. And if my own death would bring it about, I'd die for that.

In the meantime, if I disappear from commenting here, please direct correspondance to Fat Mouthy Fortysomething Bitch, General Delivery,
Camp X-ray, Guantanamo, Cuba. With the recent legalization of waterboarding, I feel confident I'll have opportunities to die over and over again. Ain't democracy grand?


Blogger dada said...

Oh crap. This is so inspirational! TY TY TY!

5:02 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

I will be doing the limerick roundup on Monday, and due to popular response, I'll be reprising a coupla of my own...and I got to say something personal. The quality of a family is easy to recognize. Unconditional love. And now I want to do karaoke with the SpadoMan (just without the annoying canned music!).

Better yet, I want the Spados, Deke, Dada and AllieAllie-oxen-E(nigma) to share an old Cars tune with me:

I don't mind you hanging out
And talkin' in your sleep
Doesn't matter where you been
As long as it was deep
Its not the perfume that you wear
Its not the ribbons in your hair
I dont mind you comin here
And wastin all my time

I guess you're all Just What I Needed. (et etcetra yada yada cue synthesizer)

E4E and Spadoman know from talking to me, and Deke, we've swapped a coupla emails; the Meldonna is finding herself in one of those transitional funks. It's nice to know that even if you relocate where your bed is to another state, your online community will still be there. I don't even know yet how soon (or even if) I might move my nest, but the limbo is made a lot easier by the village of my friends.

Finances, schminaces -- I am rich with y'all's love. And cross your fingers for a motorcycle dream...maybe next spring I can do a midwest "Flying Saucer Tour" (like UFO's, appear briefly in midwest america seen by small amounts of humans...)

Hell. Ain't nothing wrong with getting old long as you keep it real. Thanks for the love, peoples.

5:09 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Damn...that seems so heavy. I recommend for a lighter moment, go to YouTube, search for OK Go, and watch that neat treadmill vid these clumsy white boys do. It'll give you hope for old fashioned performance art. And make you giggle.

How bad can life be with something so silly to make you smile?

6:17 AM  
Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

thanks sooo much for more bill hicks! i think you've just found your h'ween costume, huh? I liked that line about JFK assassination "from an angle never seen before" so much, I used it in a fantasy about GWB's future memorial statue on Dada's blog.

I've always enjoyed All Hallow's Eve myself. And being exposed to El Dia del Muerto in the SW is something special. Whole familes turning out at the cemetary bringing picnic baskets of their deceased relatives favorite food, sharing a meal with (and on top of) the dead. The cemetaries come alive with music, dancing & sharing all night long! Those wonderful little sugar skull candies, too.

Quite a few of those old pagan ceremonies made it into western religion, in one form or another. Celtic "Samhain" Nov 1st, the time of year when the wheel of the world turns toward darkness, became All Saint's Day (convoluted priestly logic to counteract the previous night when the living world & dead world are closest). Always celebrated with great bonfires, I'm still looking for a flicker flare-up Nov 7th.

Oh, I can't join in the karaoke, no no, not unless you all wanna go way offtune. I hear it perfectly in my head, but my execution is ghastly. Same as my mom who is now singing with the angels (who are probably wearing earplugs).

Mel, I don't mind hanging out, talking in my sleep, doesn't matter where I go, as long as there's no sheep (yeah). Looking forward to re-seeing some of YOUR limericks! ~~ D.K.

12:08 PM  
Blogger azgoddess said...

thanks!! i'll remember to look you up when i get there -- where ever it is! grin

and our day of the dead will be next weekend...i can't wait!!

9:55 AM  

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