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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So! How Long before a Lame Duck Congress Outlaws the Constitution?

Let's be clear in our understanding. I love the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights every bit as deeply as Southern Babtists love John 3:16. No matter how the old document gets batter'd by the Church of Latter Day Greed, "We the People of the United States" have not only the right, but the obligation to hold every public official representing us to their own solemn pledge to uphold that old document, the bedrock of our country.

The recent, much bally-hooed "rebellion" of a few Republicans in Congress has been just another simple exercise in distraction. Not only is there no ambiguity to the Geneva Conventions, there is absolutely NO QUESTION that coercion, torture, kidnapping, and denial of due process are ILLEGAL actions that have been undertaken by officials of the United States of America, under direct orders of the Bush Administration, against American citizens and other humans abroad.

And now they are talking about classifying people as "illegal noncombatants". Ain't that neat? What constitutes a LEGAL non-combatant in Kool-Aid Land? We live in a country where my college-educated fiftysomething cousin couldn't give me a better explaintion for outlawing gay marriage than "well, it's probably going to cost the rest of us something". And she volunteers at the Clinton Library in Little Rock.

A good woman, my cousin...she was more than able to hear me say it's not right to deny somebody access to their partner when they are hospitalized, especially if they are terminal. Any more than it would be right to keep a loved one of opposite sex away from a person -- and it does happen. My good cousin, who has grandkids of her own and not all the product of marriage, said she never thought of it that way...

Legislators, state and federal, have passed laws that are unconstitutional. And we have always had the judiciary branch, in its sole reason for existing, counter foolish sentiment that violates the ultimate law of the United States, that old document called the Constitution.

The "compromise" working it's way through Congress? Outlaws every protection guaranteed by the Constitution. They are outlawing a class of people, determined by the executive, of any and every recourse to end an already years long "extraordinary" imprisonment.

And once they do that? Once any American citizen has no rights, any other American can be denied. Illegal noncombatant could, and quickly will morph into illegal indigent. Or illegal agitator. Or illegal illiterate. Or illegal moral degenerate.

I am no product of some imaginary "liberal elite". I got two years of business college, and am a daughter of fairly low middle class folks from a small farming state. I ain't ever that durn smart, despite my gift for gab. But I do understand the concept of fair play, and I do understand MY hell with GOP lawyers who scream for 'tort reform'. And to hell with ANYONE in public office who's sworn not to protect the homeland, but who swore so help me God to uphold the Constitution, and breaks it every day.

It's not about the Geneva Conventions. It's not about protecting Americans. It's not about spreading democracy.

It is about the ultimate deregulation. It's about abolishing the basis of America's very culture and identity, the rule of fair play. It's about killing the Constitution.

I have faith in the Constitution. I have none in men, or women. One explains the other.


Blogger meldonna said...

And by the way, Bush ain't Hitler. At least that fucker was eloquent.

And he ain't Nixon least that fucker did one or two things right.

The "Leader of the Free World" is a spoilt brat. We need to give him some tough love.

5:57 AM  
Blogger spadoman said...

Right Freaking On Mel!!!!

You say it right. I just wrote Senator Feingold yesterday and addressed the issues of allowing changes and different interprtations of the law.

On a bumper sticker on one of our cars it reads:

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.

I just returned from the coffee shop. Just about all liberal minded people there. I talked about the very issues you speak to. The "new" laws allowing torture and the so-called defining of marriage by the government. They are pure bullshit and directly set against our freedom as a human being.

Utah Phillips, a Korean Veteran and folk singer, said it best when he talked of getting home from the war. He said:
"I won't ever let anyone tell me who my enemies are"

I don't want someone to tell me who I can and cannot love. I will not allow a government that will torture another human and tell me it's OK.

Vote them out!!!!!!!!!

9:47 AM  
Blogger azgoddess said...

i keep wondering if

all these new changes and laws

are not being created

so that we have reason to get rid of all laws

and start over - from scratch

9:56 AM  
Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

Great Job Meldonna!!! That madman has to go!!

3:56 PM  
Blogger dada said...

God Mel: I know sometimes it's several days between blogs here, but I can't stay away. Always dropping by for the next one. And, wow!, when it comes, I'm never disappointed. Each one seems to surpass the previous ones--all great in themselves. And the anger, oooh, the anger is growing, seething. Not just here, but on other's blogs as well. And then there's Keith Olbermann, and all those who leave comments like spadoman, az, d.k., enigma, pt cruiser, etc. etc.

And there's no doubt our "Leader of the Free World" is a spoilt brat. Someone elsewhere said, "bully" and I'd like to add PUNK! Inside he's nothing but a wimp. But brat, bully, punk is how this wimp-ass manifests, only because all his life, he's had invisible forces saving his punk-ass from doing anything, just one fuckin' thing on his own without daddy, daddy's friends, Jeb, dadddy's supreme court friends, his justice dept., his congress, pampering this wimpy-ass punk.

.....whew....."inhale, exhale, slower, again, inhale, exhale." Dusting off my thoughts, "Was the really me saying all that shit?" I'm so sorry. Please don't anyone show this to my mental health counselor, please, okay? Promise?

Thanks Mel for another great (inflammatory) post.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mel, good to see ya back on fire! So right, too. That little wimpy protest against reinterpretting The Geneva Conventions was just another distraction for attn-impaired americans. Any time they can turn the babble away from their monumental failure in IRAQ, they win.

Can't wait to get rid of 'em, get back our country & start repairing the damage. Though I can see it all now, blaming the inevitable fallout of their profligate spending, immoral war & illegal dismantling of our sacred constitution on those tax'n'spend family-valueless dems. I'm already getting sick thinking about it.

Anyway, nice to see you back in such good form! I'll miss you for a couple weeks as we're heading up to the high country for a little fall-color camping trip. Don't let the world fall apart while we're gone! D.K.

8:31 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Thanks, all...I know I don't post very often, but sometimes I have to think my way through. And I spend a lot of time reading -- both you guys and on current events. I don't proclaim to be original; my function is to pick a topic and bring it together. And all your thoughts help me get there.

I do suspect I got a post coming up soon this weekend...seems there's another powerful Republican "crusader for children" caught with his online pants down. And I, the godless liberal Democrat, happily confess some glee. Now if only someone would bust Coulter for that dominatrix business I'm just sure she runs on the side!

Hi, Deke; have fun in the mountain country. I'll see the rest of you guys at your houses...and thanks all for the great comments. We all work to form that More Perfect Union...ah geez, now I'm testifyin'. Can I get a Hallelujah?

Praise the First Amendment, and pass the Second!

12:18 AM  

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