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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The government's main reason for existing is to work for the benefit of all

The title is a quote from a fairly well-heeled person in Mexico...the full quote is below:

"The ultra-right, and I think that's what Calderon represents, contradicts the essence of democracy because it's principally concerned with protecting the privileged," said Gustavo de Anda Gomez, an investment risk consultant. "The government's main reason for existing is to work for the benefit of all."

Here, here! I raise a glass to all who feel this way, but expecially to folks like Gus, and Warren here at home, that recognize community over personal hegemony. Salud, mi amigos; perhaps capitalism is good, but it does seem wise to balance it with common sense.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mayor of Ciudad de México (Mexico City, for all you fellow gringos), has ran for president of his country on a basic platform of "For the good of everyone, the poor first".

I think Obrador might have a chance to roll back some of the nastiness of NAFTA; he's done some really great things in Mexico City as Mayor, both for the infrastructure as well as the poorest of the poor. And oddly enough, created jobs doing it.

Guy's not a "leftist"; he's a realist. Since when has buying pencils for schoolkids and pensions for their great-grandmas been commiepinkofaggotbullshit? I'm old enough to remember when we cared enough to do it here.

It seems Mexico is in danger of having an honest election -- wouldn't it be nice to have one north of the border?


Blogger dada said...

Hi Mel: My wife was listening to the NPR story regarding this election. I confess to being not very well informed about all the facits of exactly what's going on there. But, as you know, we're right here on the border with Mexico.

Anyway, my wife was telling me that--if challenged--there is much concern of the implications, not just for the election, but Mexico the country.

My immediate response was, "Oh, like what? A few Americans may watch in awe, realizing they don't HAVE to lie down and let the steam roller run over 'em?"

6:00 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

At this point it's still an unfolding story...there's going to be a recount. And already people in Mexico are saying the thing is rigged. It's still a wait and see, but I'm still hoping for the best...

7:45 PM  
Blogger dada said...

Hi Mel: Yesterday (7/5/06), Amy Goodman's Democracy Now devoted most of her hour to the Mexican election. You know, just another "scratching the surface" of another important story, just like NBC, CNN, FOX etc. does.

But it had all the elements of a good ol' American election with--of all things--good ol' American manipulation of media, mud and lies. (Seems Dick "toe sucker" Morris, former Clinton camper now employed by Murdock media was involving himself as a kind of behind the scenes Karl Rove for PAN candidate Calderon's reelection.)

But as you noted, this is still an unfolding story--with many wrinkles.

3:33 AM  

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