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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Reality-Based Community

One of my friends and fellow bloggers posted some timely information on the situation in Iraq, the gist of which is the situation on the ground is FAR worse than the White House or the media will tell us; the ethnic cleansing is well under way, and has been for some time now; and anyone who doesn't believe Iraq is well into her civil war is living in a fantasy world. I felt moved to leave the following comments:

Too bad nobody predicted back in 2003 that going into Iraq without a plan would inevitably result in sectarian civil war...

Wait a minute. Hey, I predicted that exact thing; I bet you did too, as well as most of the civilized world, who begged our government not to do this foolish thing.

I remember in February of 2003, taking a friend of mine over to a map of the world that was on the wall in the office I used to work at in Everett, Washington, and pointing out to him the countries of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

"Isn't that neat? There's the future United Republic of Talibanistan. And Brought to you by Your Own Government!"

The idea of we broke it, we got to fix it is long past. We did break it, but there's been absolutely no effort to fix anything. We have a responsibility, at this point, to pull completely out, lock, stock, and barrel, and no Nixonian-Cambodian-style air war either. At long last it might be time to let the people there sort out their politics, sectarian or otherwise.

There is nothing we can do to fix. We have rendered Iraq FUBAR.

Having said that, I want to put a few extra points in. The situation in the Near East as well as the Middle East, will never be resolved by bombs or force. On anybody's part. The only way to reach a happier day is for the West to acknowledge that Shi'a Muslims, while conservative in their religious beliefs, are not Evil. The West must also recognize that rampant capitalism is not the Holy answer. As silly as it may sound at first blush, perhaps there's something to be said for the fictional "Prime Directive" in Roddenberry's original Star Trek. The nugget of truth there is that all cultures deserve to have the right to develop without interference. Personally, I'm opposed to women anywhere being second-class citizens, but the folks currently in charge of the United States seem to feel that there are 'second-class' cultures, and if we just keep pounding them, either with ordnance, or with economic devastation, they will finally "come to Jesus", or the neo-con's version of righteousness, the Almighty Dollar.

The right-wing politicos in the U.S. are working towards a world where there are a finite number of haves, and an infinite unwashed mass of have nots, here and abroad, who should be happy that capitalism has made them free. I find this inane, as well as insane.

When we put a stop to the Iraq Adventure, the American People's money being wasted there can be put to uses of production, not destruction. No collateral damage, either, except perhaps to Bush and Cheney's egos. Our Christian President might consider that Redemption is a constant goal of a child of God.


Blogger dada said...

"the folks currently in charge of the United States seem to feel that there are 'second-class' cultures, and if we just keep pounding them, either with ordnance, or with economic devastation, they will finally 'come to Jesus', or the neo-con's version of righteousness, the Almighty Dollar."

Thanks for the most excellent blog, Mel. This is some honest-to-goodness serious shit so very well said. Tell me, did you in a previous life work as a writer of manifestos? Evidence would seem to point in that direction.

I remember how they danced atop the wall as they were tearing it down. Our version of righteous had prevailed. But now the stench of our own capriciousness is unveiled and it's stinging the acrid acid filled nostrils of Earth. Alas, the Almighty Dollar did not prevail over the Red Tide. It simply lasted a few years longer. It's day is coming.

And as if the Russians weren't given enough to laugh at with our little overnight "successful" excursion into Afghanistan, we chose to take on another while we were at it. And, now, here we stand, arrogantly contemplating a third and a fourth. Oh, those poor Russians have to be laughing their asses off uncontrollably.

5:49 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

I'd laugh with the Russkies, if the whold fucking situation didn't make me want to cry. But we don't even have to look to the Russians in Afghanistan; try the history of the British in the Mid-East. They wisely left many years ago, only to be dragged back in by their own misguided musketeers at 10 Downing Street.

Thanks for your kind words, Dada. I don't know about manifestos, but I sometimes wonder if I might have been the proverbial fly on the wall a few times in past lives! At any rate, I'm just thankful I was born with, as one of my oldest friends says, "a gift for gab". If there's one thing I've always abhorred, it's Failure to Communicate.

11:06 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I ain't so sure that the " Child " (aka Moron )of God Bush that hears God speaking into his head ( cough- actually Jim Beam might indeed be talking louder)....

Great Post sad so true...
Please do keep writing your Manifesto...shit let's put together a Manifesto Team...

No worries you have not failed to get your point across to if we could just get Preznit DumAss to listen....

7:14 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

E, I'm so far beyond getting this Preznut's attention, it's not even on my radar -- I do hear my mother's admonition not to toss "one's pearls before the swine".

That being said, I don't mind reminding everybody else, especially the right-wing goo-heads who mindlessly love our "God-directed" leaders exactly how far they have drifted from the philosophy of the Prince of Peace they so maniacally profess to honor and cherish. Hypocracy, thy name is Republican! And thy sacrement is the Almighty Dollar, known in some circles as good old filthy lucre. I'm talking to YOU, Utah.

I found some very interesting food for thought online today: "Bush is Not Incompetent"

While I found I agreed with most of the article, I myself do not believe the Bushi'ites to be conservative in their theories as much as having filched some talking points in order to claim to be conservative, while twisting true conservative views to fill the coffers of some of the most appallingly soulless individuals yet seen in this country. That's the reason I prefer the term neo-con.

Although the expression con-artist comes to mind, too...

11:10 PM  
Blogger spadoman said...

Good stuff, Mel.....
Could have used a little more laughter for my return though. The situation sucks for sure. Makes me sad and feel helpless.

I'll be around for a few days, then off again on another adventure, stop by and say hello.

4:45 AM  
Blogger spadoman said...

Geez Mel...Where the hell are you? Thought for sure I'd get to banter a bit before I leave again.

I'm off Saturday morning until sometime near the end of July. Definately will be in touch when I return as I miss the exchange.

3:43 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Sorry to fall off the radar for a while here...Seattle's been having our version of a 'heat wave'. I know 90 isn't near as hot as it is other places in this great country, but not having AC, I do get pretty pissy miserable above about 85. Had to find a shady spot/swimming hole (or a fountain at Seattle Center, a reasonable facsimile thereof!) to chill out in...

I'll be around this weekend, no worries.

1:35 PM  
Blogger dada said...

Mel: Thank you for coining "neo-conartists" last, the definitive descriptor I've been seeking.

Geez, hope your heat wave breaks soon. No AC and Dubya simultaneously could amplify your heatstroke of genius. (For we who would be the beneficiaries.)

11:57 PM  
Blogger Haider Droubi said...

what if the mess going on in iraq was a part of the big plan reach a point were noone know who s killing ,,how s the victim and who is the is a srtatgy used in many cases,,
offcourse when invading a country ,,better to turn off the light so people of the same party could kill each other...
stop the war .

3:03 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Hey, the heat broke enough to actually need a jacket to be off Elliot Bay watching the terrific fireworks show (better than last year!) just enough beers while making chili and broiling hotdogs to keep the chill away.

Watching the pyro show was still bittersweet to me; it's hard to get wound up about an entertainment while flesh and blood is in a wrong place in my name. I like being able to put out leftover dogs with mustard and relish for the street guys; but nice as that is, it don't stop shit in Iraq.

haider, I don't even know for sure at this point if they threw a fit about the latest NYT article to keep us from noticing even more insidious shit just here at home. Much less overseas.

On a side note, and totally off-subject, my ex (god rest her) was with a person of Filipino decent after we broke up, and before she passed on. Nice girl's name is Haji. Kind of strange that's the G.I. slur for natives in Iraq these days, huh?

Ain't THAT a bitch. And who knew a poor foolish sumbitch like Rodney King would come up with the real question: Cain't we all just get along?

Be well, all.

2:15 AM  

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