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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a personal note

One of the last proudest things my ex did, it seems so long ago, but it was only a year and a half past, was vote against George Bush. Again.

She was taken from us by cancer...last year, a few days after Easter. And I sure do miss her.

She doesn't haunt me near as much as she still hugs me. Anybody who never got a chance to know her, missed out on a unique experience. She was one of those quiet ones who would surprise you into laughter, and my greatest joy when we were together was to surprise Ms. Thing into laughter herself. Jane's laugh out loud was rare, but oh my!

That laugh is the music of my memory. And Jane, hug your daddy for me -- I still miss Bill too.

I love you, Jane.


Blogger eProf2 said...

Sending positive thoughts your way and I know your friend is thinking of you, too.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Lily said...


12:32 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

Thanks, folks.

Jane wasn't the type to want people to mourn and moan (although if I didn't tear up every once in a while, she'd probably be pissed!). She was a very down-to-earth, hardworking individual, and a very unique woman with an incredibly quirky sense of humor. The flowers on the blog? There (of course) is a story:

I brought Miss Jane a red rose one afternoon, and she was less than impressed. Her point? Roses are expensive, boring, and everybody buys 'em.

Not to be deterred, the next day I went to the floral section and picked out the biggest, most colorful lily I could find. I presented it to her with a flourish and a grin, asking if she might like a SILLY FLOWER. That earned me that laugh I love, and from then on any time I felt moved to show affection florally, it had to be a SILLY FLOWER.

I've got a grin on my face writing this; and that's how I'm going to keep celebrating her. Got to cherish the memories.


5:52 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

many hugs dear Mel....many ....and tonight I toast and light candles for both of you....I like to think that maybe with her sense of humor she was a bit like Madeline Kahn too are having a sorry I have been so overwhelmed on the Ohio front....namaste....

11:30 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...


To even SUGGEST Jane was a bit Madeline!

I guarantee you, you got a smile out of her for that, and from me too.

That was worth bout ten Silly Flowers. I just hope she doesn't get in trouble where she's at for a snort giggle!


1:11 AM  

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