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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Meanwhile, back in the Cresent City, the bulldozers come

You've got to get a court order not to plow under what's left of the Lower Ninth Ward? As far as I'm concerned, it 's still a CRIME SCENE, and there are many bodies (or, SKELETONS) still to be found and recorded.

The crime, of course, is murder, and conspiracy to commit murder. Not to mention the attempted, nay, accomplished diaspora of an entire city. Abuse and neglect...if your mom was drowning, and nobody would answer the phone at the police station?

If your whole family was in danger, and the WHOLE WORLD SAW IT, and nobody responded, even as you screamed for help, and the elderly neighbors drowned in the attics....negligent homicide.

Destroying evidence and burying the victims -- classic actions of guilty parties.

We even have motive -- the need for the area to become CajunDisneyCasinoland. At least one official got caught with his real hanging out when he was so proud God had cleaned out public housing.

But apparently there are more important things than Katrina's aftermath.

It's inportant to prosecute women over 30 that 15-year-old boys score with? Pardon me, but it's fairly common knowledge that many a 15-year-old male will copulate willingly with anything from inatimate baked goods to anything their buddies consider to be 'pussy', age, social standing, marital status unconsequesential. Oddly enough, at 15, there's a lot of folks that are horny, male or female. Honestly, I say screw the 'abstinance-only' crowd, and teach your kids the truth. Boy + Girl - condom = Baby, and Baby = 20 years, if you're lucky. In past times (like, when they wrote the Bible, the Koran, etc.) people got married about at 14, and died before they were 40. Under those constraints, maybe married for life didn't seem so long. Now we have to live six or seven decades, never mind QUALITY of life, and we wonder why there are such things as Mary Kay and Viagra. As well as Restless Leg Syndrome (but there's a pill for that!).

Acid Reflux Disease? Quit eating so much! Then there's that bee that's alergic to pollen. That's like a polar bear that's alergic to ice. I'm sure he exists somewhere, but meanwhile in the real world, polar bears are drowning in the Arctic because she's swimming to that which has been there for time beyond mind, and is no more.
As you see, there are so many things that break my heart, I don't know where to start or end. But that's okay. I got a feeling, in this coming year, a lot of fat chickens are going to come home to roost in this country.
Either that, or the fabled bird flu will roost...

A true pandemic of global proportion might lay low many, fools and wise both. In this country, it will at least rip up the drug industry enough that they won't have time to make up ailments to cure. And Bush will look like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, in the parade, screaming "all is well!!!"



Blogger Jeff said...

I feel your pain.

I still say Stephen King wrote The Stand out of anger, beginning with the thought: "We're such a buncha dumbasses, we humans, and Americans in particular, it'd probably be just like us to wipe ourselves out with a stupid flu weapon! Might make the world a better place, really! Wonder what would happen next...?"

10:23 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

You talking about one of my favorite books, cuz. I liked the old Judge, reading by starlight. And I loved the idea of little "riceburner" (if you will tolerate the slight ethnic slur) motorcycles being the most efficient means of transportation -- I've wore out two Honda 250 Customs and a Suzuki 450 over the course of about 17 years, and while if I ever win the lottery, there will be a Hog in my future, a small bike is a great little workdog for a commute. Not to mention something to get away to the country on come the weekend.

I've been keeping a good eye one this bird flu scare, and it's either not as bad as they say, or it's gonna be a clusterfuck that will make everybody wish fondly for the ebola threat. Time will tell...but if you want some food for thought, google '1895 smallpox milwaukee new york' and see the comparision between two cities handling an outbreak of disease. It's a nice study in common sense, and a good reason to roll your eyes when Bush suggests the first thing we should do in case of an outbreak is bring in the military and quarrantine cities.

Wasn't that basically what they did to New Orleans?

good to hear from you, motorcycle

6:25 PM  

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