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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The war comes home

Six years into the nightmare, it is so refreshing to see signs of hope. That the Plamegate affair is being seriously investigated (it ain't over, folks -- Scooter's likely to have company) is a very good sign. We can only hope that it leads into the open exposure of what most Americans have pretty much realized: Bush used September 11 to mislead our country into the wrong fight. And in case you're wondering, Afghanistan was only a red herring -- Saddam was always the one Bush wanted to crush, and damn all to anybody in the way. Including those humans that they shrug their shoulders about and call 'collateral damage'. As Rumsfeld said, 'stuff happens'.

But their are further signs of hope. More and more Iraq veterans are stepping up to offer additional service to our country. By running for Congress. Most, at this point, are doing so as Democrats; there is at least one fellow from Texas running on the Republican ticket. They all have one thing in common -- they've had their damn boots on the ground, and understand how wrong the direction of the war on terror has gone.

I, for one, am extremely glad to see some fresh blood in the Republican ranks. For far too long the Grand Old Party has been carjacked by moneygrubbers wrapped in religious robes. Imagine if Jesus himself actually showed up at the White House...I seem to remember something along the line of physically chucking the moneychangers out on their butts in ancient Israel. Not to mention his habit of spending much of his valuable time with the poorest folks. No wonder the ruling powers killed him. Silver Spoon Shrub claims to be a born-again Christian? They are going to have a hard time shoving that camel thru the eye of a needle.

Not that the Dems deserve much better; they at least occasionally manage to throw a few sops to Americans who are struggling. But they, too, need to be rousted from the slavish chase of the Almighty Dollar. Remember the bankruptcy reform that recently went into effect? Every gol-durned Democrat who voted for that should be deeply ashamed of themselves (if not tarred and feathered) for being in the pocket of the credit scam banks. Myself, I'm glad I'm so poor I buy everything with cash (if I ain't got the money, means I can't afford it). I pity the fool that steals my identity!

I look forward to what the veterans have to offer -- I think whether they run Dem or Repub, we can finally have some more progressive, common sense leadership that this country so desperately needs. These guys know what it means to serve unselfishly, they know how valuable and vulnerable America's families are, and they have seen first-hand some of the most corrupt contracting and under-equipping that our government has ever stooped to. Way to go, Haliburton -- all those rotten chicken sandwiches you sold the military may soon come home to roost.

Hooray and godspeed these vets -- they swore to uphold the Constitution, and dag-nabbit, looks like they're determined to do it.

That's what I call staying the course.


Blogger enigma4ever said...

Great Post...and yes NINE are running for office- and hopefully that will help...hope...

I have a new post up about the Vets...might interest you...,

10:41 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I just reread your last post...really good...and yeah we have the same things on our mind...Thanks for your comment about Homeless Vets...And Robert....I am pretty street smart..grew up inner city and went to nursing school inner city...and I also worked ER- so I have a little edge..But I actually have had no trouble- and once I knew most of the ones in my area it made things better... Most here are lost, shattered...I have not figured out what to do- I am working on a Black and White photo project...I just feel horrible that they have no Voice..although like what you said- I am not sure how much voice any of us have..Keep blogging....have hope...

11:03 PM  
Blogger meldonna said...

I'm a country gal who learned to be city smart the hard way; I lettered in Dumshit at the School of Hard Knocks. But I graduated young, with Honors...

My friends still fuss at me for being too trusting and too soft-hearted, but I look at it this way: The former is dealt with effectively with common sense, the a blessing. I don't guess I would be myself if I had to quit imagining myself in the other guy's shoes. Hell, I feel selfish because it makes me feel better helping someone else!

Then agin, nobody's perfect. Don't ever be the one I figure out drank my last beer while I wasn't looking. A pox upon ya!

Tell your kid to listen to some old Lennon (and ignore all that crap in the media). John knew all you need...and he was a fellow Grad at my alma mater.

My best to you both

1:02 AM  

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