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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Those wacky Texans!

Oh boy, it's been almost a month since I posted, and lawdy, lawdy, where to start?!

I remember an old saying my Mom always used; "Strain at a gnat, swallow a camel". The following, from the Mother Jones blog, is priceless:

Did Texas Just Ban Marriage?

HJR No. 6 passed in Texas yesterday, supposedly to ban gay marriage. But read the text closely.

Sec. 32
(a) Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman.
(b) This state or a political subdivision of this state may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage.

Is it egg-heady coastal elitism to point out that Texas just defined marriage and then made it illegal for everybody, even heteros? I wonder if "family values" include literacy.

It is (hee hee) to laugh (ha ha).

Other than getting a snide giggle at the expense of the Knotheads for the Sanctity of Marriage, be aware that this measure was intended to do away with county municipal ordinances, especially those that provide for benefits to domestic partners of local government workers in enlightened places such as Austin or Dallas. Ain't that neat? All wound up trying to keep those Godless Homos in their place (the hair salon, interior decorating, you know the drill), this also affects Lord knows how many straight couples, many of which have been happily cohabitating for years, and are raising families to boot. Geez Louise.

There was some encouraging news out of the November elections. Hurrah! to the great folks in Pennsylvania for turning out that Flat Earth schoolboard...even if a portion of the vote was simply a call for the Intelligent Design folks to "sit DOWN and shut UP". I suspect many Americans would prefer the Intelligent Design folks to educate their little kupcakes at home, and quit screwing up the schoolday for the rest of the students, some of which are actually planning to major in biology in college. That's what I don't like these fundies; they don't really care about civil rights -- just that everybody agree with them. There's a fine place for Intelligent Design -- in a theology course. That I wouldn't have a problem with in public schools.

Not too big of a problem, anyway.

And Pat needs to stick to faith healing, the big gooberhead.

Speaking of gooberheads, did you know that Mike Heckava Job Drownie is still on the FEMA payroll even though he resigned several weeks ago. At no reduction of pay, mind you. I guess when you're such a Fashion God, you need to continue your Nordstrom shopping sprees. Besides, it would be so cruel to cut off his money with the holidays right around the corner.

Meanwhile, the run-of-the-mill, un-self-deified folks displaced by Katrina, get their FEMA emergency housing funds cut off on December 1. Merry Christmas, y'all.

Bush must have been happy last week, when he got to come home to a country where at least 36 percent of the population still likes him. But I bet he was pissed that Pickles got into his stash while the Brits were in town. Tell me that woman isn't tweaking.

This week, Dubya is on another junket, to Asia this time. And his idea of diplomacy is to verbally spank China for not being as democratic as Taiwan. I swan, the man must have a target on both his cowboy boots, because he is quite efficient at shooting himself in the foot. China considers Taiwan to be a wayward PART of China itself. I can't think of anyway to offend the Chinese leaders and diplomats quicker.

The time is quickly coming that the longer the people of America let these idiot savants remain in office, the more shameful in the face of the world we are as a nation. I agree with Al Franken; the campaign slogan for the Democrats come 2006 should "Subpoena Power".

Like another old saying goes, it seems to be about time to give government of the people, for the people, and by the people back TO the people.

Cheers, and keep the faith, people!


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