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Monday, August 22, 2005

Classic errors continue

I hear that George made a speech today in Salt Lake City, preaching once again to the converted. Needless to say I am not only sickened that a man who dodged the draft is again flogging support from people who have actually seen combat, the content of his speech is the same as it ever was. Despite overwhelming evidence that the invasion of a country that posed no threat to America was not only unwise, but terribly planned, Bush is still invoking the unrelated issues of September 11th, terrorism, and promised democracy.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, to try to satisfy U.S. imposed deadlines, the provisional Iraqi government has proposed an incomplete constitution. One that is apparently not following the example of working democracies, in that Sharia law is to be the basis. Women's rights, minority rights, religious and human rights are not necessarily part of the compromise constitution. This is beyond troubling, it is outright alarming. But, unfortunately, not surprising.

It is becoming clear that Bush's proposed successor to Sandra Day O'Connor possesses a similar disregard for women's rights, minority rights, and even the basic concept of the right of citizens to privacy in their persons, homes, and possessions. I am beginning to realize the war protests are actually a left-handed gift (pun INTENDED) to this administration and its hell-bent determination to divert capital from the people who work for a living to the worldwide structures that make life and livelihood so damned difficult for have-nots, be they in South Central or South America. Or Central America, or Central Africa. Or anywhere else wages per day are counted in pennies.

We should all realize that in the twisted neo-con universe, George Bush is only telling the truth. The radical right truly believes that freedom equals the ability for some to economically grab every asset, so that they may finally realign all economies in all countries to serve those who by their superior guidance understand How Things Should Be. That is why they equate democracy with totally unregulated markets and unquestioning support for military endeavors conceived by those wiser than the unwashed masses. This is, of course, the morality of madmen convinced they are anointed by a higher power.

Kind of like Osama. Who Bush himself "doesn't think about a lot."

The folks of the sailors killed on the USS Cole think about Osama. The folks of the people killed in NYC, Washington, and Pennsylvania think about Osama. The people in Africa who lost their loved ones in the Embassy bombings think about Osama. The people of the United States think about Osama.

And here at home, we also think about Social Security. We think about an economy that is once again creating only service and entry level jobs. We know folks who've lost jobs, we know folks who've gotten sick, spent their savings to deal with it, and have their entire family sinking slowly with them in the quicksand of debt; we know those who have lost hope, and we know many who will come back from war with nothing. Many of us live one paycheck away from disaster, which, thanks to a lapdog Congress and a cold-hearted rich man in the White House, is soon to become a national crisis when the new bankruptcy strictures strike in September.

There is coming a second American Revolution. When the middle class, the two-income backbone of this country has every bit of their ability to live indoors and feed their kids ripped from them, when they literally cannot afford three dollar per gallon gas, when they are forced from their over-priced homes to double-up with relatives en masse, there is going to be a terrible uprising. My only hope is to remove the rot from our highest offices legally as soon as possible, before the honest folks make them regret sponsoring the NRA.

Let's not forget the modern extremist form of Christianity that helps our president sleep at night. If the Rapture is eminent in our time, the faithful will be snatched up, there will be seven years of tribulation, and then the son of God will return, the true war to end all wars will ensue, and the mud people will perish. Incidentally, Israel must exist, only to be destroyed to fulfill the Prophesy. Why bother to save a planet that is doomed, anyway? Might as well have champagne and caviar (or beer and BBQ), while we wait.

I must say, for those that are truly believers in Christ's example, those of us who think, those of us who have common morals, those of us who appreciate what a fantastic, crazy, but right, experiment democracy really is, we know it isn't perfect. Democracy literally means government by all the people. It's messy. It's annoying. And it's wonderful.

And it is free. There is no democracy at the end of a rifle. There, is only death.

Our government has been taken over by Crusaders.

I'm praying for a revival. Of the Enlightenment. Before the warlords make all their dreams come true.


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