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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Operation Enduring Vacation - Day 22

George and Cindy are back in Crawford - Pat joins Rush in Denial

It is so difficult not to be constantly angry these days. Then, just when you think you can't take any more, the entertainment kicks in.

First there was the Rush flip-flop flap on Tuesday. Fans of Rush are apparently fluent in Dittoheadonics, a language that would make the people of Oceania scratch their heads in puzzlement. The dialect seems to be based on what he meant, not what he said. Meanwhile, out here in the Real World, when you call a woman a liar, it's pretty cut and dried what you freakin' meant. Perhaps that pilonidal cyst that kept him out of Vietnam is flaring up again, pressing on his brain, and preventing him from fighting fair. Again.

And while we were still giggling about Hillbilly Junkie, faith-healer and all-around charlatan Pat Robertson steps up to bat. The poster-child for American Shiite Evangelical Christianity openly called for the assassination of a foreign head of state, while amazingly tying together The Communist Threat and Radical Islam. As the kids say online, WTF????

Pat came out today and issued an apology, well, of sorts. Like (I need an oxycontin)Rush, he heemed and hawed, claimed he had been misquoted, a bald-faced LIE, that. He later admited he had called for assassination, but still insisted Chavez could be 'taken out' in various ways. I must have missed the part of the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus said, "Blessed are the kidnappers, for they shall inherit the oil."

As for the target of Pat's ire, I'm having a Devil (snicker) of a time chasing down verifiable information on the man. So far, I have been able to ascertain that Chavez is leftist, hangs out with Castro, pisses Bush off, and seems wildly popular with the little people in Venezuela. The word 'Che' bubbles up in my mind. The people in his country keep overwhelmingly re-electing him. Wish we could say that about our prez.

Good to hear that Ms. Sheehan, god love her, has made it back to Camp(s) Casey. All Americans owe her a big thank you, for finally getting the conversation started. Best wishes to her, and get well wishes to her mom.

There's a lady that understands family values.


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