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Sunday, January 22, 2006

hurts my soul

I said I would wait out of respect before I started raisin' hell. My own comments probably wouldn't have made any difference quickly...

But now in southwestern West Virginia, another two miners got trapped, and died, without enough O2.

And again, the mine they worked in has had CONSISTANT fines for non-compliance of safety regs.

It is obvious that simple fines do very little to protect the miners. Mines in violation of safety rules should be forced to SHUT DOWN until they remedy. Out here in the user world (people like me, who use electricity), the understanding is not as it is in mining country. But you don't have to be an Einstein to realize that safety has been sacrificed for profits. It's just not right.

We've been taught to hate unions here in the land of the Free...which is sad. Those blue collar guys who signed up back at the early decades of the 20th century, the ones who got beat up and knocked in the head for doing so, and still wouldn't quit, gave us many things that are taken for granted today.

The Forty Hour Work Week. The Eight Hour Day. The Weekend. OVERfuckingTIME!!!! People were killed, literally, so we can have Saturday to relax, and Sunday to go to church.

And ALL workplace standards started with the unions.

Enjoy your standard of life while it lasts.


Blogger Lily said...

AGREED, Meldonna! I can see we will be compatible blogrades!

OSHA and occupational safety are a topic for me, have been for years and these matters really get my anger going. I have family membrs that have worked hard on "right to Know" matters, workplace epidimiology, toxins, union committees on safety...I guess I come by it honestly. I posted a bit on these matters after Sago.

Keep bloggin, sister.

9:19 AM  
Blogger meldonna said...

It's kind of easy to follow with Bush...anytime he says he's going to "reform" something, it means he's trying to kill it. He defines reform as beat it to a pulp, then make it work for the rich in it's new shape.

I was in Texas when this drone was governor...I cried when the Supreme Court gave this charleton our country. Fer Christsakes, how do you loose money in oil in Texas? Answer: The money wasn't lost, it was stolen.

Now how do you loose money in Iraq in oil?

Same answer.

I better quit, because I'll get in a rant. There are so many things to be angry with...but I'm ready to do the fixer-up work. Troubleshooter is my favorite job skill! And I want my damn country back.

be well~~~

7:19 PM  

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